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Apr 10 2015
So my Amazon Echo came in this week. It still has a ways to go, but it's changing the face of digital channels. In this review, I talk about Alexa, some of the things it can do, what it can't and where I see it going. It's nice to see some folks are already starting to hack the Echo, and figure out the API calls. Here's some links: https://github.com/noelportugal/AmazonEchoApi http://www.piettes.com/the-amazon-echo-api/ I applied to the SDK, looking to see what happens. But even the API access, would enable some reading of the...

DevOps Is So 80s

Sep 11 2018
It seems like the biggest buzzword now in IT is DevOps. I personally will be attending the DevOps Enterprise Summit in Vegas this year, and the event grows every year. They had to change the venue because San Francisco can no longer accommodate the growing event which sells out every year.
Mar 03 2016
I think of the word DevOps, and I think of it almost like Cloud, a term that is used to describe a concept but everyone probably has a different implementation or way they go about things when it comes to DevOps. Gone are the days when engineers were going to an RDP session, and building out servers, looking at their notes to configure applications, and creating so many holes for human error. Beyond that, a process was usually in some senior engineer's head who has worked on that particular application for years within an organization. Losing a...
Feb 09 2015
I'm continuing my blog series on the CMSs compared. Today I will be talking about the Marketplaces for each. SharePoint, not much to be said there. It is so spread out and decentralized it's hard to find anything. TechNet does have a good amount of PowerShell scripts out there for managing sites. In addition to TechNet you'll have to do a lot of Googling in order to find solutions to use, install, and play around with. So it's really fragmented when you're trying to find something to enhance or compliment your SharePoint installation. Sitecore...
Feb 05 2015
I am now in a new position that has me working on rolling out a Sitecore XP 8 implementation. In this role I'm on the engineering side of the house, but anyone who has followed me knows I like to know exactly how everything works with the platform. Having an extensive background in CMS with SharePoint and DNN, I figured Sitecore has to be easy. Well, not so much. Some of the points to note, being that I'm early in the learning process: Installation, and architecture is pretty straight forward. Anyone who has experience working with Micro...
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