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Don't Forget About Social for Business

Don't Forget About Social for Business

Jul 30 2014

Enterprise social software market is expected to double by 2019. Is your business thinking about social and how to utilize it in the enterprise? By 2019, the generation that grew up with MySpace, AIM, then to Facebook and Twitter, are going to be your primary employees and will look to social outlets, and tools they grew up with to meet others within the company, establish a presence, and collaborate. If your company provides ESS to them, they will use the tools and could open the doors to new opportunities and ideas to flourish and grow your business.

So how you can start gaining the benefit of ESS? Just look at the evolution of the online world as a model.

  • Search - Search became the earliest driver of growth on the Internet. Look into enterprise search tools for your intranet in order to provide relevant content to your employees.
  • Contextual and Personalization - Speaking of relevant content, the next tool to hit the Web were portals, and the ability to personalize content. Use current tools to not only allow personalization, but to target content to your employees based on role within the company, projects being worked on, or other profile properties on the employee. In addition, allow them to define and pull content they feel is relevant to them.
  • Community - We're talking social, so implement tools that enable employees to build communities within the company. This provides a valuable networking tool, and opens channels that may inaccessible using current channels.
  • Profiles - Both content relevance, and community can be driven by user defined profiles, as well as company pushed information like department, title, location. With profiles you can target corporate messaging to individuals based on any of the profile properties, or a combination of them. Collaboration Tools – So many tools available like join.me, GoToMeeting, mash up programs for joint project collaboration.

I could mention more here, like wikis, blogs, file sharing, and instant messaging apps, you get the idea, what you see out on the Internet, is what you should consider implementing in your company. There are so many tools out there that the up and coming employees have grown up with and used to using for collaboration and communication, you need to investigate and see where they fit within your organization.

You invested a lot into your website, mobile apps, and other digital outlets, now ask yourself; how much have you invested in your employees?

About the Author, Patrick Santry

Patrick Santry, has two decades of experience in enabling businesses to take advantage of the digital landscape. A well rounded experience in technology, and business is what sets me apart from the rest of the pack. When it comes to an overall digital strategy my experience is impressive.

BS in Computer Information Systems. Four time recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award, and author of several books and magazine articles on digital technologies.

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