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Content Creation is a Top Priority for Business

Content Creation is a Top Priority for Business

Aug 07 2014
"Ektron Research Shows Marketing Leaders' Greatest Digital Priorities Are Content Creation, Landing Pages/CTAs and Organic Search"

More than 75% of global marketing leaders surveyed say content creation is their top priority for 2014, according to research by Ektron, a leading provider of content management and web experience management software.
The research, in infographic format, "Digital Trends in 2014," identifies key trends and priorities for marketers, IT professionals, developers, and content authors based on a survey of over 400 global marketing, website and digital agency professionals.

"The results of the survey clearly demonstrate that today's marketing and website professionals must constantly calibrate their investments to optimize outcomes.  This is especially true for resource-intensive undertakings such as product launches, site rebranding and redesign, and integrated campaign management," said Bill Rogers, Founder and CEO of Ektron. "Our unique ability to convert digital interactions into transformational outcomes for our clients stems from our personalized approach.  We empower marketing professionals to dynamically engage potential customers with high value content.  And our multichannel philosophy ensures that our clients deliver consistent user experiences across devices.  At root, this is about driving brand consistency and higher conversion rates over traditional approaches. We do this every day for many of the world's leading brands."  

Report Highlights:

76% of website and marketing professionals say their team's top priorities include a greater focus on content creation
58% say that landing page and CTA creation is their second greatest priority
Over 50% noted that organic search – "getting found" by their target audience – was an equally top priority
70% have implemented a Social Media strategy
61% are using, or plan to use, responsive mobile design to implement their mobile strategy

About the Author, Patrick Santry

Patrick Santry, has two decades of experience in enabling businesses to take advantage of the digital landscape. A well rounded experience in technology, and business is what sets me apart from the rest of the pack. When it comes to an overall digital strategy my experience is impressive.

BS in Computer Information Systems. Four time recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award, and author of several books and magazine articles on digital technologies.

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