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Wrapping My Brain Around Sitecore XP 8

Wrapping My Brain Around Sitecore XP 8

Feb 05 2015

I am now in a new position that has me working on rolling out a Sitecore XP 8 implementation. In this role I'm on the engineering side of the house, but anyone who has followed me knows I like to know exactly how everything works with the platform. Having an extensive background in CMS with SharePoint and DNN, I figured Sitecore has to be easy. Well, not so much. Some of the points to note, being that I'm early in the learning process:

  • Installation, and architecture is pretty straight forward. Anyone who has experience working with Microsoft web application architecture should be able to easily install, understand, and build out an enterprise Sitecore infrastructure. It is a .NET app, so there is no magic here, or unknowns.
  • Site configuration. This is where is really gets confusing. Having come from a DNN background, DNN pretty much handles everything out of the box. Things I previously taken for granted like simple navigation structure, and presentation aren't so easy to understand or get going like it is in DNN. In DNN I can have a fully functional site in minutes. Build out pages, have a navigation, and structure content.
  • Content Management, there are some good things here. Content reuse, and structure is very easy to understand, and makes a lot of sense with Sitecore, in some ways better than DNN, and SharePoint.
  • Analytics and Marketing, I know DNN is working on some stuff here, but Sitecore is so far advanced in this area it's going to take some time for them to catch up. SharePoint it's pretty much non-existent.
  • Federated Experience Manager, there is this really cool feature in Sitecore that I haven't seen in any CMS. It allows you to drop in some script on your existing site and bring it into Sitecore and be able to take advantage of the Customer Experience Platform without have to do a whole lot to the legacy site. You could eventually migrate it, or just leave it, and move it over when you feel like retiring it. Even so, you can still take advantage of the analytics, targeting, and so many cool features that Sitecore provides.

Anyway, I'm still a newb when it comes to Sitecore, but it's fun playing around with the platform. Can't wait to get this thing going into production.

About the Author, Patrick Santry

Patrick Santry, has two decades of experience in enabling businesses to take advantage of the digital landscape. A well rounded experience in technology, and business is what sets me apart from the rest of the pack. When it comes to an overall digital strategy my experience is impressive.

BS in Computer Information Systems. Four time recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award, and author of several books and magazine articles on digital technologies.

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