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Is Your Job Digital?

Is Your Job Digital?

May 25 2014

One of the big buzzwords out today is the use of "digital", you hear "digital marketing", "digital strategy", "digital strategist", "digital experience", and so on, and so on. Just a quick search on LinkedIn jobs as of this writing will display over 1,600 job titles containing the word "digital" in them. So how can you be part of this growing digital trend? And maybe you already are a digital strategist and don't know it.

In my current position, as a digital professional, my job is to identify technologies, and deliver solutions to drive the digital strategy for the organization. Sounds cool, but how do you get into this whole "digital" thing?

In my networking with others in this "digital" field, I find many are like me. In their 40s, grew up in web technology, with many having worn the Webmaster hat back in the 90s. We were the jack of all trades. Back then there was the one guy who did SEO, analytics, content, community, programming, networking, and anything that had to do with running the website. After a while those roles became segmented out to many different people, this was the trend in the 2000s. Now companies are looking at all those technologies, but as they fit into the overall strategy of the business. And who better to help build that strategy than those old Webmasters from the 90s? Most of us went on to become developers, designers, and other vertical roles, but still have a wealth of knowledge on how those other systems work. We readily accepted new technologies like social networking, and have a grasp of how it all fits together.

If everything I wrote so far seems to fit you, you may be positioned for a "digital" role in an organization. Maybe digital marketing where you have an understanding of social, seo, sem, community and how to deliver your message across all those online channels and your product or service. Maybe you're more about the digital experience by implementing new technologies that provide a unified and consistent experience to your customers across many platforms. Or go one more and be a digital strategist who understands all these technologies and determines where they best fit within the business goals.

So are you ready to be digital? Maybe you already are, and if so, what digital trends do you see?



About the Author, Patrick Santry

Patrick Santry, has two decades of experience in enabling businesses to take advantage of the digital landscape. A well rounded experience in technology, and business is what sets me apart from the rest of the pack. When it comes to an overall digital strategy my experience is impressive.

BS in Computer Information Systems. Four time recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award, and author of several books and magazine articles on digital technologies.

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