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Entries for October 2012

Oct 26 2012
The reviews are pouring in over the Microsoft Surface tablet, and the primary problem with the device is their app store.  The marketplace has around 3,500 apps, which is paltry compared to Apple's or Google's and few folks are seriously looking to post their wares in the Surface store. Being that Microsoft is late coming to the fray in providing a consumer tablet experience, how can they get developers excited about building apps for the platform? Maybe they should take a lesson from the past. Back in the 90s, the web developme...
Oct 16 2012
In some cases a company may need to decide to do a domain name change. This could be due to renaming a company's offering, or maybe an acquisition where they want to put all online assets into one domain name structure. What are the benefits of doing the change, and what are some issues that may need to be addressed? Here's a few items to not if you're going to embark on this project. For my first example, which I wrote about in an earlier blog is doing a domain name change where you go from one domain to another, like in my example ...
Oct 03 2012
I haven't wrote any blog posts, so here's one for this week. I'll be covering any significant news that hits the DotNetNuke world. Speaking of DotNetNuke World, did you know that's next week? I'm not going, not enough time in the day to spend in the sun, even though with the weather here in Pittsburgh, I wouldn't mind a trip to sunny Florida. Hopefully yins voted for my site in the Personal site category for the DNN Site of the Year Award. We'll find out next week at DNN World who won each of their respective categories. Need a DNN Developer?...


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