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Entries for July 2003

Understanding DNN Role Security

Jul 29 2003
One feature that DNN provides that you don't have to worry about when writing Web applications is role based security. DNN allows a portal administrator to create specific roles, assign users to those roles and then provide access to certain pages or sections of pages to a specific role. As a developer of modules for DNN you can use the role based security to further enhance your development and streamline the development process. In this article we will discuss the role security and how to integrate it into module development.First of all the ...

DNN: Creating Multi File Modules

Jul 27 2003
This article covers going outside the realm of creating custom modules where you have an edit module as a user control (ascx) and your standard module user control page. Say you want to extend this and allow for multiple pages for your control. As in the WWWCoder.com search engine we have our standard module which displays the search results and articles, but we also have two additional pages; ASPSearch_Options.aspx for adding comments and reviews to the site, and ASPSearchCatAdd.aspx for submitting your sites to the directory. These pages are ...
Jul 17 2003
Here is some code to program your own Web server in VB.Net. There may be instances where you want to provide Web server functionality with your application without the user having to worry about having knowledge of IIS and how to administer a Web server. This was the case for a Webcam application I am working on. I wanted to provide the ability to view some captured images from a video capture and then stream them over the Web. My goal of the application was to provide a small Web server just capable of serving the pages and images that I gener...


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