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Entries for August 2012

Aug 28 2012
Klout has released a new preview to their users, and it's big on social events. This new version focuses specifically on what it determines to be major events that happened in your online social life, this feature is called "Your Moments". For me it picked out a concert, a baseball game, my summer cruise, for example. All were fun events, and memorable, but they were really nothing more than what I posted on Facebook. This could be due to me not being a major poster to social networks other than something that is an event, so do I need Klout t...
Aug 27 2012
To help promote my site for the DotNetNuke Site of the Year in the personal category, I created a lightbox modal ad to popup over my web pages. And in the spirit of open source I'm releasing it as a free download on Codeplex. This is my first Codeplex project, so you know it's been a while since I release a module. That's usually how I do things, if it's something I can use, then I'll write up a module and then release it to the wild and let you folks sort it out. The module features the ability to edit ad content using the DNN HTML provider ...
Aug 23 2012
This blog post is in relation to a forum post on the DotNetNuke.com site I responded to. One of the main themes in that forum thread was you can't do a good mobile strategy in DotNetNuke Community Edition, and folks didn't want to spend the money on the Professional Edition. For someone like me who uses DNN strictly for my personal blog, I'm not about to drop a dime for the PE version. But really, the only main feature that PE has over CE is the ability to detect for tablets, and even that feature can be added on low cost, or purchased even at...
Aug 20 2012
So I nominated my site for the DotNetNuke Site of the Year in the personal category. Why? Because I'm a major supporter of DotNetNuke, since the beginning and will always be. My site has over a decade of articles devoted to DNN, ASP.NET, and web related topics from my blog here, and my old WWWCoder.com site. Hopefully my sharing of things I learned over the years have helped you on your projects, and you'll show some support by voting for my site. Running DNN since version 1.1, Patrick Santry
Aug 16 2012
So now that Windows 8 RTM has been released on TechNet, it's time for installing the new version on my Acer Iconia Tab W500.  The first thing to do is to get the ISO from TechNet, and download it to my PC. Once the ISO was downloaded I used the Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool to write the ISO to a 8GB USB stick and make it bootable. Note: I did install the release preview of Windows 8, you cannot upgrade your pre-release version. Once you have the bootable USB stick with the ISO loaded, you now have to let your Acer boot from USB. You'l...
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