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Entries for 1999

Recursive Sub-Procedures

Dec 20 1999
One of the best algorithms to know as a Web developer is how to code recursive sub procedures. What's recursion, and how does it help you as an ASP developer? Recursion allows you to code parent-child relationships. Parent-child relationships are the essence of directory tree-like structures. Trees allow you to develop threaded discussions, directory search engines (like santry.com), and perform lookups through your directories. This process is done by calling a subroutine unto itself. What happens is the subroutine is initially called and t...

The Replace Function

Dec 18 1999
Formatting HTML Have you ever had to enter information from an HTML form and place it into a database memo field only to display the information back to the user and try to format it the way they put it into your form field? You could use the " " tags to format the data so it's displayed exactly as the user entered it. The only problem using this method is it won't wrap the text to the next line. It will just display the text as one line and not start a new line unless the user actually placed a carriage return in the entered data. This ...

Adding Popup Windows

Dec 05 1999
 I find it handy to open small content in a window. If I just have a small help file or something that really doesn't deserve a whole window I just create a link on my page that opens a small window with the page loaded in it. It's really very simple, but since I can never seem to find the script that works in both IE and Netscape I decided to post it here on Santry.com for easy reference. The first thing is to add a link on a page that points nowhere and then add the Javascript onclick event to the href tag that will then open a new windo...

Setting up a System DSN on your Web Server

Nov 28 1999
Setting Up a System DSN Before you can even use ADO to connect to a database in ASP you must set up a Data Source Name(DSN) on the webserver. This can be done via ODBC 32 or you can hard code a DSN in your ASP. The following tutorial will walk you through setting up a system DSN on your Win95/98 running Personal Web Server or an NT box running IIS. First thing you need to go to the Start menu/Settings/Control Panel and then click on the ODBC icon as illustrated below.(figure 1.0) figure 1.0 - Clicking on the ODBC Icon. Once you...

DSN-less Applications

Nov 28 1999
So you don't want to create a DSN on the machine that your web app is installed. What benefits can you get from this? Say you have a website on a Virtual Provider and you just created that new database app and you want to test. Well you have to email your VP's support to create the DSN and make sure you spell everything correctly so they don't create something that you don't want. Another example is connecting to a database dynamically and opening it in your code (I'll be going over this in a future function in detail).First the absolute minimu...
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