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Entries for 2000

Search Engine Submission Course Part II

Oct 19 2000
Note: META Tags are not the end-all solution, the steps you take in integrating them throughout your site are. Proper META Tag Placement: Many people have asked me, "Is there a certain way the META Tags should be placed within the HTML?" Yes, there is. One problem you face when using HTML editors or automatic generated META Tag software is the incorrect placement of META Tags by the software. Just so there is no confusion, the basic META Tag placement is as follows: NOTE: The maximum number of characters recommended for the TITLE Tag is 60. ...

Search Engine Submission Course Part I:

Oct 11 2000
By Cade Fox      REEVALUATE YOUR WEB SITE: It's really not that hard to design a nice looking Web site; it simply takes a little bit of common sense and "out of the box" thinking. Take a couple hours out of your busy schedule one day and just look around the Internet and take note of the things you like and don't like. You will find that there will be sites that are not appealing at all to you as well  as sites you absolutely love. Because of the nature of the Internet, there really are no set standards for Web site design. This, in itself, is ...

How To Do Successful Button Swaps

Oct 04 2000
By Eirik JohansenI'm sure you've seen a couple of buttons while surfing various web sites. I'm talking about those small graphics appearing button-like, and when you click on them, you are sent off to another site. Often they are presented under a title similar to "Please visit our partner sites". Think you've seen them before?  If not, drop by http://www.netmaking.com now and take a look in the left column.So, now that I have introduced you to buttons, what's next? Well, how about if I tell you that these small graphics are great for web site ...

Eliminate your site from being framed

Sep 18 2000
I know I do it in my search results here on this site, but you may not want someone to be able to frame your site in. Here is a line of code to eliminate someone from enclosing a page in your site inside a frame.This script is easy to implement just one line of code.if (top.frames.length!=0) top.location=self.document.location;//-->What this script does is it checks the to see if there is any value of the location for the top most frameset. If there is a value for the topmost frame it then changes the value to the current location which would b...

Exposing NNTP in Your Web

Sep 13 2000
NNTP is similar to the SMTP service provided by IIS, in that it consists of a directory structure and text files that adhere to protocol standards. Because of this standard, you can expose NNTP functionality in your Web site or other application by using the FileSystem Object that is included with the Windows 2000 operating system. For example, a newsgroup called support is located on the server1 NNTP server. This newsgroup was previously configured in IIS. There are two messages contained in the support newsgroup on the news server. The file s...
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