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Entries for 2001

Analyzing your Traffic to Measure your Success - Part 2

Jun 23 2001
"Analyzing your Traffic to Measure your Success - Part 2" By Robin NoblesIn Part 1 of this article, we discussed some things you should look for when analyzing your log files. You should also look at:* Top entry pages How are people first coming in to your site? Which pages are bringing you the most traffic? What about some of your other pages? What can you do to make them "top entry pages" too?* Top exit pages Exit pages are another very important area of a log file, according to Degner."Where are they leaving? What off site links are they cli...

IIS Tip: Passing Authentication Across Domains (Zones)

Jun 15 2001
Passing Authentication Across Domains (Zones)My company wanted to have a centralized document store that was accessible via the Internet and Intranet. We accomplished this by moving the documents to a server in the DMZ and setting up a domain name for the store (ex. documents.company.com). We also wanted to ensure the documents were secure by placing NT security on the document folders. We created a second domain to host accounts for our extranet partners to access the documents and made the Web server part of this domain. In order to allow our...

Analyzing your Traffic to Measure your Success -- Part I

Jun 14 2001
Congratulations! Your hard work and persistence in optimizing your pages have resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic to your site, which is just what you wanted.But, are you analyzing that traffic and using it to strengthen your site? Or, are you quickly glancing at your log files every week or so to see how much traffic you're getting, and letting it go at that?Before we go on, let's define exactly what log files are.When someone visits your Web Site, server software counts and tracks, i.e. "logs," that visit. It also keeps a record of it ...

FrontPage Server Extensions on Windows 2000

Jun 02 2001
FrontPage 2000 Server ExtensionsFrontPage 2000 Server Extensions provide a method of developing Web sites remotely. The server extensions are a Microsoft proprietary implementation of the proposed HTTP 1.1 WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) standard. WebDAV provides a protocol standard of allowing authoring of Web content over HTTP version 1.1. IIS 5.0 has full support for the WebDAV standard built in.Applying FrontPage 2000 Server ExtensionsAfter your Web site is configured, in order to connect to the Web in FrontPage 2000 or Vi...

Configuring IIS Applications

May 24 2001
By Patrick SantryIntroductionIn order to begin development on an IIS application some things need to be set up on IIS. By default most of the server applications you�ll need to do IIS development will be installed on a complete installation of Windows 2000. This series of articles will introduce you to the Internet Services Manager, how to set up IIS applications, and the settings you should know about when developing applications with IIS. Knowing your way around IIS will simplify the setup and installation of IIS applications, and aid in diag...
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