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Entries for 2003

Active Directory Group Lookup

Dec 30 2003
.Code { color:black; background-color:lightgrey; width:98%; border:black 1px solid; padding:5; margin-top:10; margin-bottom:10; font-size:10px; } .hightlight { background-color:yellow; } .comment { color:green; } A method I would like to add to the article "Methods for Active Directory Management" is a way to get the groups the user belongs to. The section titled "Obtaining Group Membership for a User" is a good start to getting your groups, however, i...

Search for words that "sound like" other words in SQL Server

Dec 25 2003
Most SQL searching applications use the LIKE keyword to perform keyword searching, unless, of course, a full-text search is being used. In many cases, this type of searching provides undesirable results. For example, a user is searching for an order record by partial name and “ernest” is typed in (misspelled, of course). However, a LIKE search returns no results. USE Northwind SELECT * FROM dbo.Orders WHERE ShipName LIKE ‘%ernest%’ 0 results returned. If we use the SOUNDEX function instead of LIKE to perform a s...

Methods for Active Directory Management

Dec 16 2003
In this function we'll run a query against Active Directory to obtain properties for the current account logged onto our application. First we'll specify an array of the properties we want to retrieve from AD, then pass it to our GetADsObject method (later in this article), and set authentication to AD in order to run and retrieve information from our query. Private Const _FILTER As String = "(&(ObjectClass={0})(sAMAccountName={1}))" Private Const _FOREST = 5            &...

Do Your Paging in SQL

Dec 09 2003
Most Web applications are divided between a minimum of a database tier and Web application tier running on two seperate machines. In the Microsoft world this consists of running dedicated SQL server on one machine and then your ASP.Net application on another machine. To increase performance with this type of infrastructure it is best to reduce the amount of data being sent over the network from the SQL server to the Web tier. In this article we cover how to do paging on the SQL machine so it returns only the data you want to display for a...

Adding Web Services to Your ASP.Net Application

Dec 07 2003
In this code snippet we are going to provide you with a way to expose your existing ASP.Net application so it can be exposed as a Web service. If you're not familiar with Web services, they provide you with a means to expose the functionality of your application to other clients over the Web. For example, here at WWWCoder.com we provide our directory as a Web service to clients so they can integrate the directory into their portal site. Here is an online example of what I'm referring to. You can see from that site, they are using our di...
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