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Entries for 2005

Just What is AJAX?

Nov 29 2005
by Lee Asher There's a craze on the web at the moment, and that craze is named AJAX. What's that? Well, according to some people, it's a technology that's going to redefine the web. Just how many times have you heard that statement. The classic web application model works like this: Most user actions in the interface trigger an HTTP request back to a web server. The server does some processing -- retrieving data, crunching numbers, talking to various legacy systems -- and then returns an HTML page to the client. What Does AJAX Stand For? ...

Top 10 Must Have Features in O/R Mapping Tools

Nov 03 2005
By Iqbal Khan   O/R mapping tools are becoming more popular each day and people are realizing the productivity gain they provide to developers. Yet, many people don’t know enough about O/R mapping to consider using these tools and many others are weary of using any code generators (including O/R mapping tools). In this article, I will try to educate you about the various important features that a good O/R mapping tool would provide you and how it can be beneficial to you. I am not discussing any particular O/R mapping tool but rather all tool...

How to Use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to Create Graphics?

Oct 30 2005
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a format of graphic that can be generated on the fly by using the data extracted from XML files or a database. Creating images on the fly in the other formats like GIF, JPEG, and BMP are not easy since they cannot be created dynamically by extracting data from the data file. Moreover if you view images from these formats at 200% or 300% of the actual size you will not see the images clearly and you will be seeing granular forms of the areas in the images. You need external tools like Paintbrush, Photoshop, and ...

Getting User Groups from Active Directory

Oct 20 2005
Summary:  I needed a good way to get the groups for an active directory user, but in vb.net everything I saw was not quite what I needed or was in c# so I looked at an article available on MSDN, which is in c# and took out what I needed to get the groups for a certain user. There is one catch it will not return anything if there is not a "memberOf" attribute for a user. It actually errors out. so for this they are still a valid user they just are not in any other groups besides the "primary" group in AD so in the catch you can catch this and...

Using System.Directory Services for IIS Management

Oct 10 2005
In this code block we're going to provide you with two methods for creating and removing IIS virtual directories using System.DirectoryServices dll. The DirectoryServices library provides you with a slew of network management features like user, group, domain management, and specifically for this article, IIS administration. This code could be useful where you want to automate the creation of Websites. Sub CreateVirtDir(ByVal DirName As String, ByVal PhysicalPath As String)    ' reference the default server's root dir    Dim rootDir As New Sy...
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