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Entries for 2006

DotNetNuke - Open a module in a new window or Redirect

Dec 29 2006
When developing custom modules sometimes you will want to either open a window or redirect the user to another module that you have for say a detail page. I have seen many methods on the Internet with javascript etc...This will show you how to do it with out the use of javascript. Controls Setup: 1. You have your view, edit, settings and one more "view" control called "ShowEvents" which is going to show a list of all events. 2. You are on your development machine working with dotnetnuke and your module. 3. In the viewMyEvents contro...

CodeMash Coming in January in Ohio

Dec 12 2006
Being from the Northwestern PA area, it's always great knowing there will be some great developer events in the area. CodeMash is coming up next month in Sandusky, Ohio (Ceder Point area). I'm looking forward to going myself and do some networking. Right now their running a little contest, if you're going to be at CodeMash and write about in your weblog, you can get a chance to win a Zune. So a double purpose to my post. See you there. CodeMash

Shaun Walker Blogs About DNN Performance

Dec 06 2006
In Shaun's latest blog entry he talks about performance enhancements that are going to be in the next version of DotNetNuke. This is big plus for us who use shared hosting environments like I do for WWWCoder.com. Right now the site gets some "Service Unavailable" errors on a daily basis. Upon talking with my provider it appears DNN is eating up a lot of memory on the servers. I'm hoping the new version will take care of the problems I'm having with WWWCoder.com. Kudos to the folks who have made this a focus and implemented the changes.

New Tools Available

Dec 05 2006
I posted BlogPing and Site Submission service. You can ping over 25 sites, and submit your site to over 30 sites. The list is growing, so stop over in the Site Tools section and check out the free tools.  
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