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Entries for 2007

Top 10 Application Security Vulnerabilities in Web.config Files - Part Two

May 18 2007
By Bryan Sullivan Some of the most common and dangerous application security vulnerabilities that exist in ASP.NET Web-based applications come not from the C# or VB.NET code that make up its pages and service methods, but instead from the XML code that makes up its Web.config files. Incorrect configurations can open Web sites to application security holes such as session hijacking, Cross-Site Scripting attacks, and even allow the disclosure of private data to attackers. An additional problem is that Web.config files were designed to be chan...

Review: Dynamic Forms 2.3

May 06 2007
I ran through the module using a clean install of DNN 4.05.01. The install went fine without any issues. Once the module was listed in the modules drop down, I added a page and inserted the newly installed module into the page. When the module is first loaded it provides you with a nice description on how to get started using the module. Initially you can use a question wizard to generate your form. One nice feature here is the ability to select from a common set of questions like user information (first, and last name, etc.), so I added a cou...

Top 10 Application Security Vulnerabilities in Web.config Files - Part One

May 02 2007
By Bryan Sullivan These days, the biggest threat to an organization's network security comes from its public Web site and the Web-based applications found there. Unlike internal-only network services such as databases-which can be sealed off from the outside via firewalls-a public Web site is generally accessible to anyone who wants to view it, making application security an issue. As networks have become more secure, vulnerabilities in Web applications have inevitably attracted the attention of hackers, both criminal and recreational, who ha...

DotNetNuke in Cleveland Tomorrow

Apr 23 2007
You are invited to the April meeting of the C#/VB.Net Special Interest Group (see below).  To reserve your seat, please reply to this e-mail with 'RSVP" in the subject line.  Outlook users can use the enclosed attachment to set a reminder.  For more information, please visit www.ClevelandDotNet.info. Topic: DotNetNuke, presented by Patrick Santry (Sogeti USA Corp.) DotNetNuke is a Versatile open source web application framework ideal for creating, deploying and managing interactive web, intranet and extranet sites. Patrick ...


Apr 19 2007
Are you ready for the next step in web development. Microsoft released Silverlight (still the beta release), but we're seeing some great examples of this technology. A serious contender to Flash (actually not even in the same class), but you can now work hand in hand with designers and put your code behind some really sharp looking applications. Controls can be rendered in vector format in either 2D and some simulated 3D (real 3D support is coming though). The idea is this plug-in is cross-browser and has a small install (about 1MB). Be sure t...
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