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Entries for 2008

Replace Text via SQL Replace in a DNN HTMLText Module

Oct 19 2008
When migrating portals from one instance to another, you can use the template creation in DotNetNuke to export a template with content and then import that template to another instance. The problem you end up with however is the links tend to break as your portals directory usually has another id assigned to it. With SQL 2005 you can use the replace function to replace some text, but you're dealing with an ntext field, and you also don't want to run the replace on all DesktopModules if you have a multi portal instance. Here's a SQL 2005 sto...

Removing the "www" From the URL

Jun 28 2008
HTML clipboard .style1 { font-family: "Courier New", Courier, monospace; } .style2 { font-size: xx-small; } .style4 { font-size: small; } .style5 { color: #008000; } For SEO purposes you don't want to have two separate pages having the same content. This could very well mean if you have "www." in your url, and without the "www." pointing to the same content, you may run into some issues. There are other reasons too. For example some sites recognize sites that send referrals to them, like YouTube, if I embed a video in m...

60 or More Current Anonymous Users On DNN - No Problem

Jun 10 2008
What do you consider a heavily traffficated DotNetNuke site? 10, 20, even 90 current anonymous users? Our network receives over 50,000 users per day hitting the site generating hundreds of thousands of requests per day. Since this particular network is aimed at the tween set, our traffic balloons right after school hours. How do you keep a large DNN site responding when under a heavy load? The thing that is critical to high traffic applications is SQL. You really need to understand how SQL is impacting the IO on your SQL Server mac...

Add Social Networking Bookmarks to the DNN Blog

Jun 04 2008
Have you seen those social bookmarks icons on weblogs now that allow your users to bookmark your blog entry on facebook, or some other social network? It is pretty easy to modify the DNN blog module to add that functionality. You can see an example of this on the blog module I customized on one of our FanGap.com network sites called JonasBrothersFan.com. First you need to go to AddThis and sign up for an account so you can add the code to the ascx page on the DNN blog module. Once you complete the registration process on AddThis, you can get s...

Essential Windows Web Tools

Apr 13 2008
Here is an article about the tools I have found that help me being a web developer on Windows with ASP.NET. In addition to acquiring/downloading the best tools available, I recommend doing a lot of research before making design or layout changes on your site. pngout.exe: I was amazed by this program. It reduced the size of my already-compressed PNGs by up to 10%. Overall, I saved maybe 30 KB off of the first 4 images on this site. My visitors will appreciate faster load times and less bandwidth required, as will I, as my web host...


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