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Entries for 2010

Remember Me? Yes, I'm Back.

Nov 11 2010
Is this really an introductory post, or "Hey guys remember me?" You may remember me from my old website wwwcoder.com which ran on DNN, it actually started out on version 1. Remember those days, when DNN wasn't DNN, but IBuySpy Workshop? Or you may remember me from "Professional DotNetNuke 4" that I co-authored. Or if you have teenage girls, that are Jonas Brothers fans, you may know me from another project I did with my own daughters, and that was starting the largest fan site for the Jonas Brothers all on DNN. The site grew at such a ...

Working on the search

Mar 14 2010
The one thing I've always like working on and about this site, is the full text search engine and spider. Bascially it goes out and spiders all the major development blogs on the web, and then indexes them. The engine uses Lucene for it's index. Lucene is another open source project and it works really fast. Currently the directory is indexed, and the rss feeds are underway. We're talking about a lot of content, but once it's done you'll be able to pull podcasts, and videos as they get posted to blogs, and of course the latest posts. 


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