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Entries for 2011

DotNetNuke 6 Beta Released

Jun 22 2011
Fellow DNN'ers, good news, DotNetNuke 6 beta release is now available for download.  This new version has a slew of great new features and enhancements. I've been using DNN since v1, and we're looking at a major UI overhaul. From the rich user interface to the streamlining of the admin UIs, it's very clean. My favorite feature is the page management page, no longer are we looking at some old web multi-select box, now we have a very rich interface that displays security of the pages, easily move and manage the page settings, all from ...

The Open Source CMS Founders

May 09 2011
Check out the founders panel of the top five open source CMS platforms available, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Joomla, Umbraco, and SilverStripe. They talk about where the industry is headed, the community driving the platform, and other topics. It's an interesting watch for anyone who works in the CMS industry, or wants to know more about the platforms. This took place at the 2011 CMS Expo.

Windows 8 Preview Video

Apr 15 2011
Check out this video of the Windows 8 login. Real artsy stuff. The big focus is on tablet friendly OSes, look at the nice BIG links/buttons, or whatever you want to call them. It appears they're even taking some hints from the web and the ease of switching languages. I'm still waiting for the cloud to become completely integrated into the OS world, Chrome OS anyone?

IE 10?!

Apr 12 2011
So at Mix 2011 Microsoft talks IE 10, only a few weeks after the release of IE 9, sending thousands of UI designers into shock. The new version will focus on HTML 5 and CSS 3 features. Check out the preview below. IE 10 is expected to ship with Windows 10.
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