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Entries for 2012

Dec 18 2012
More news in the acquisition of companies that support the popular open source platform, DotNetNuke continues. I'm waiting to see where things go with this one.  The company has acquired various companies in the past, some good, and some bad. Snowcovered.com, the document library and search from Xepient, Active Modules, and now iFinity. I'd say they're batting about 250 on where the development of the products and services they acquired went, and the ones that succeeded were when they hired the talent that origina...
Nov 30 2012
It was time to resurrect some old code of mine over the holiday weekend last week. Those who have followed my efforts know of an old site called wwwcoder.com. That was where I blogged technology topics, and now those posts reside here on santry.com. The other side of wwwcoder.com was a lot of search engine code I wrote based off of Lucene.net. Lucene.net is a port of the popular file based index built on Java. I really enjoy the speed, and ease of programming with Lucene, and hated to see the engine die. Well, now it's updated to take advantag...
Nov 21 2012
Having been playing around with development on Windows 8 for the past few weeks, another benefit came to mind. Yes, it's more of a pain in the ass for me than anything else, but for the IT director, it's going to be a big benefit. One of the problems facing IT is the consumerism of IT. Folks are becoming savvy enough to load applications on their work PCs, and do pretty much everything they want. But Windows 8 changes much of that. Any application they want to download is from the store (at least Metro apps), so they have to buy it o...
Nov 17 2012
So today I submitted my first app to the Windows 8 app store. The process was insanely easy, and being that I researched and could never figure out development on iOS or Android without a significant amount of research time, I was so surprised how easy it was to develop and submit an app to Microsoft for review. This follows up on my recent comments about how I think Windows 8 and Surface devices are going to be a big boon for Microsoft and the enterprise. Existing Windows developers are going to very easily port over to the new platform. And s...
Nov 16 2012
Last night was a day I decided to play with some code development. It's not often I get time to sit down and write some DotNetNuke code, so I figured I'd give it a go. Being a web developer I usually configure my local hosts file with names to go along with my development sites. For example, santry.local, sitswer.local, etc. This way I can bind them to IIS and browse the sites as I'm developing and debugging. So after a little while of developing, I'm hitting my own personal here at santry.com, and then I get this weird yellow screen of death...
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