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Entries for 2013

Sep 20 2013
Just a follow up to my previous post about my Klout experiment. My score is still going up, and my last post did gain some interest. My participation has gone up on the social networks, some folks commented that I shouldn't focus on my Klout score, rather I should focus on gaining quality connections in my network. Really, that's what I'm doing here, building connections on my social networks, which in turn makes the score go up. One is not independent of the other.   By continued use of hashtags, and commenting, or responding to others ...
Sep 16 2013
I've been doing a little social network experimentation. I had an OK Klout score, but I was wondering how changes to the way I use social networking would impact my Klout score.   If you're not familiar with Klout, what they do is provide a social networking score based on your influence with folks on practically every outlet there is: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others are used to calculate a score. The higher the score, the more influence you may have on social networking outlets.   So over the past...
Sep 04 2013
Community can have an impact on external events, or sites on the Web. For example, in the real world, large communities like cities, can have impact on state laws, and even national laws, and policies. If a community is rallied up to support a cause it can help promote an agenda of the individual or company running the community.

You Work In Corporate IT, But Do You Know Your Industry?

Aug 21 2013
I have worked in both consulting companies and corporate IT, and from consulting I gained insight into the business, who are a company's competitors, who are their customers? And in business to business, who are their distributors and who is the ultimate consumer of the product or service they provide. Unfortunately, for many folks who work in IT, I find that understanding of the business lacking.   Having worked for content websites where a website was the competitor of the website, we had to know everything about the competing websites...
Aug 19 2013
There's a great conversation going on at LinkedIn on "Digital Strategy" vs. "Digital Marketing", and is there really difference?   First off, my thoughts are "digital" is a buzzword, kind of like "cloud", it essentially can be many things to different people. I find "digital" can encompass social, mobile, analytics, any touch point that is electronic to the customer. I would never just classify it as web, as we're way beyond that. The touch point could be an API layer that is publically accessible via web services to your client. It coul...
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