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4 Tips for Utilizing Real-Time Data in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Jul 23 2014
Audiences are craving authentic and relevant experiences from the brands that they care about. As a result, one of the struggles that content marketers face is the ability to maintain relevance and stand out amidst the competition for audience attention. Tools like social media can provide the real-time data needed to help you the craft messages that will resonate and have the greatest impact possible.

SADA Systems Announces New Service: Infrastructure Migration to Microsoft Azure

May 25 2014
LOS ANGELES, SADA Systems, global leaders in providing cloud computing and strategic IT solutions, announces the availability of a new service: Infrastructure Migration to Microsoft Azure. Infrastructure Migration to Azure is a consultative service consisting of 3 phases, that allows organizations to leverage Microsoft Azure to cut the cost and time associated with infrastructure maintenance and upkeep.

Ektron's 2014 Site of the Year Awards Honor Innovation in Online Marketing, Collaboration and Customer Experience

May 25 2014
NASHUA, N.H., -- Content management and web experience management software provider Ektron today announced the winners of top honors at the recent Ektron Site of the Year awards. To select the Ektron Site of the Year winners, a panel of judges looked at candidates' use of Ektron to deliver measurable business results, integration with enterprise applications, multichannel visitor engagement and overall visitor experience.

Record Locking in SQL Server

Feb 22 2007
Pessimistic and Optimistic Concurrency In a multi-user environment, there are two models for updating data in a database: optimistic concurrency and pessimistic concurrency. Pessimistic concurrency involves locking the data at the database when you read it. You essentially lock the database record and don't allow anyone to touch it until you are done modifying and saving it back to the database. Here you have 100% assurance that nobody will modify the record and while you check it have it checked out, out. aAnother person will have to wait ...

Preventing a Brute Force or Dictionary Attack: How to Keep the Brutes Away from Your Loot

Jan 11 2007
To understand and then combat a brute force attack, also known as a dictionary attack, we must start by understanding why it might be an appealing tool for a hacker. To a hacker, anything that must be kept under lock and key is probably worth stealing. If your Web site (or a portion of it) requires a user to login and be authenticated, then the odds are good that a hacker has tried to break into it. In terms of processing power, it is expensive for a Web site to require authentication, so it is usually only required when the site stores valuabl...
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