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Code, servers, whatever tech is on my mind at the time.

Sep 05 2012
So now that I consolidated wwwcoder.com into santry.com, one of the biggest issues is combining that content without giving folks a lot of 404 errors, and broken links. It's still a major work effort, and not perfect, but some things I learned along the way using two tools, IIS rewriting, and redirection, and a free module from the DotNetNuke store. IIS Redirection  The most obvious is using redirection in IIS, the problem with this is I have a lot of links that are contained on various outside sites, and those sites send a lot of traffi...
Aug 15 2012
You would think with the massive amounts of bandwidth client-side performance would be much of an issue anymore. What's the big deal with a page that may be a couple MBs in request since we have loads of bandwidth to deal with nowadays? Now let's multiply that bandwidth by the amount of requests you have coming in, so a couple hits a day, maybe it still isn't a big deal, thousands, millions of requests per day, now it becomes a big deal. Of course as a developer, you may have a clear understanding on performance issues when it comes to writin...
Aug 08 2012
Being one of the original core team members of DotNetNuke, I've been working with DotNetNuke since the beginning. I pretty much know a lot of the vendors out there. Since there are so many modules out there, how do you know which ones are good? Check the top sellers - On the store.dotnetnuke.com site they have the top sellers listed on the left hand navigation. This is broken down into modules and skins. Top selling modules are great to know if you want like functionality on your site, my only hesitation is the skins category. Do I r...
Jul 31 2012
I wrote many times about my modifications to Ventrian News Articles for DotNetNuke. The greatest thing is I don't have to write a line of code in order to enhance it thanks to the extensive templating options the module provides. Another one of my modifications is adding Disqus for user comments rather than using the built in comments. Although its nice that the module provides commenting, I'd rather use Disqus as that's their sweet spot, and provides me with a lot of nice tools for managing user comments. So just as I modified the template f...
Jul 20 2012
Not everything needs to be a module add-in, and I especially like the flexible templating of the Ventrian News Articles module for DotNetNuke. The module provides an interface to edit the documents, attach and manage images, files, etc. The best thing is it is templatable. The basic template provides for listing of thumbnails of images that have been uploaded, but I prefer to have some kind of slider, and then click the image for the full size picture. The way I implemented this was to steal a little slider code from SlidesJS and incorporate it...
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