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Nov 18 2014
First of all what is a conversion? For an eCommerce site it could be a macro-conversion like ordering product. That's clean and clear cut, it's generating revenue, and has value. Another conversion, a micro-conversion could be downloading a white paper, you add some value to the conversion since it may contribute to a sale. Still other conversions may be reading article on a purely content driven site, or clicking an ad.
Jul 11 2014
Ever wonder where that tax money goes? Well at least $30 billion of it in 2013 went towards federal IT projects, that's according to a survey released by Research and Markets. Compare that to the worldwide spending on IT projects in 2013 was approximately $3.7 trillion, that makes the US government one of the top IT employers. The budget forecast for 2015 is a whopping $73 billion!
Jun 06 2014
I find articles and discussions I read on LinkedIn usually provide me with fodder for blogging on my site. This week I noticed a lot of articles that are reduced in quality, which makes me think LinkedIn has opened the floodgates on who is allowed to post on the site. But my real gripe are the growing amount of what I call LinkedIn Floaters. These are people who are aimlessly going around and posting comments on articles just for the sake of posting comments. These comments have no direction, some are just there to be put there.
Jun 04 2014
A recent study by SDL finds email isn't king when it comes to Millennials and finding content. As the following infographic shows, it's all about finding content they're interesting in by following, or getting recommendations rather than someone spamming their inbox. They also use their phones as the primary means of consuming information. Digital experiences for Millennials need to be highly responsive in their interactions when dealing with support issues. Don't ignore your social interactions, be responsive.
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