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Time for a new hosting provider, myhosting.com isn't it

Feb 22 2013
Don't you just love seeing your site is down, then thinking well I'll just call the hosting provider and have them reboot or something. Then only to find everything you worked on for the past month is gone and not able to recover? Just my luck, as it always happens, Murphy's Law is not on my side. Check out this response from MyHosting.com about the issue: Hello Patrick,  My name is Alayna and I am contacting you from our Customer Relations Department,your case has been brought to my attention.  Following the emergency maintenanc...
Jan 03 2013
Occasionally, I like to get nostalgic and remember the old times. This occurs a little more often now as I get older. Maybe because I have more memories now. One thing I learned is when the event happens, it may not have been funny at the time, but it is when you look back. Here's some things that happened to me that come to mind. I remember back when I was 10, I first heard the word "slut", and then learned that you should never repeat what you hear on TV to the neighbor girl who has a very large and angry father. I remember when ...
Nov 16 2012
Last night was a day I decided to play with some code development. It's not often I get time to sit down and write some DotNetNuke code, so I figured I'd give it a go. Being a web developer I usually configure my local hosts file with names to go along with my development sites. For example, santry.local, sitswer.local, etc. This way I can bind them to IIS and browse the sites as I'm developing and debugging. So after a little while of developing, I'm hitting my own personal here at santry.com, and then I get this weird yellow screen of death...
Nov 15 2012
Back in the day when I used to war drive, I saw all kinds of wireless access point names. Names like NoHacking, KeepOut, and of course the occasional Linqsys from those folks who just turned it on. Now I live in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. So you don't see much, but it was good to turn on my WiFi this morning and see some new access point names: At least I think it's my neighbor, maybe I should call my attorney as the access point mysteriously disappeared once I tweeted it. I think I'll change mine to "CIA Safe House"
Aug 10 2012
I get a little nostalgic about technology and my life as a geek. You see, I've been a geek since day one, and count myself fortunate enough to grow up in the computer generation. From getting a computer in our high school class, to my own Tandy Color Computer from Radio Shack. It was a great time to grow up in, and then eventually become part of the industry. Here's some of those geek things I can pull from memory as I look back. Remember the days when Radio Shack was not just a place for shopping, but a place to hang out? ...
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