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Jun 05 2014
I get some glazed stares from some folks in marketing when I talk cloud, social, gamification, etc. Sometimes it makes me wonder how could they not know these terms, when really marketing folks are the ones who coined the phrase? This is especially so when it comes to cloud.
Jan 07 2013
Paul Thurrott has a good article explaining the lack luster sales of Windows 8 over the holidays, primarily being netbooks have driven the price of PCs down over the years making it harder for higher priced touch screen devices to sell. I think that may be part of the reason, but a bigger reason is Microsoft owns the enterprise and the enterprise did not roll out Windows 8. Too many IT managers I know will not roll out Windows 8 due to the major change in the user experience that the new OS provides. As an IT manager, they do not want their h...
Sep 05 2012
So now that I consolidated wwwcoder.com into santry.com, one of the biggest issues is combining that content without giving folks a lot of 404 errors, and broken links. It's still a major work effort, and not perfect, but some things I learned along the way using two tools, IIS rewriting, and redirection, and a free module from the DotNetNuke store. IIS Redirection  The most obvious is using redirection in IIS, the problem with this is I have a lot of links that are contained on various outside sites, and those sites send a lot of traffi...
Aug 15 2012
You would think with the massive amounts of bandwidth client-side performance would be much of an issue anymore. What's the big deal with a page that may be a couple MBs in request since we have loads of bandwidth to deal with nowadays? Now let's multiply that bandwidth by the amount of requests you have coming in, so a couple hits a day, maybe it still isn't a big deal, thousands, millions of requests per day, now it becomes a big deal. Of course as a developer, you may have a clear understanding on performance issues when it comes to writin...

C# Interview Questions

Apr 08 2005
This is a list of questions I have gathered from other sources and created myself over a period of time from my experience, many of which I felt where incomplete or simply wrong.  I have finally taken the time to go through each question and correct them to the best of my ability.  However, please feel free to post feedback to challenge, improve, or suggest new questions.  I want to thank those of you that have contributed quality questions and corrections thus far. There are some question in this list that I do not consider t...
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