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Feb 09 2015
I'm continuing my blog series on the CMSs compared. Today I will be talking about the Marketplaces for each. SharePoint, not much to be said there. It is so spread out and decentralized it's hard to find anything. TechNet does have a good amount of PowerShell scripts out there for managing sites. In addition to TechNet you'll have to do a lot of Googling in order to find solutions to use, install, and play around with. So it's really fragmented when you're trying to find something to enhance or compliment your SharePoint installation. Sitecore...
Nov 25 2014
I had the enjoyment to go on several job interviews recently in the Pittsburgh area. Most of the companies I targeted were large above $1 billion companies. And since my background is in content management, having been part of the founding development team that created DotNetNuke (now DNN, or is it Evoke?), I figured I'd ask what they're using. And also to consider if or when DNN could make the Quadrant?
Jan 14 2013
As many of you know me, I'm known for  dabbling in the Microsoft CMS world. I've done some big SharePoint migrations, and most notably, I did a ton of work with DotNetNuke. Due to this history I pay attention to the content management systems out there in the Microsoft world. I also wrote an engine that places a social ranking designation on an online resource. With my past writing online directories like wwwCoder.com, I decided to flesh out the code a bit and add in not just directories with full text searching, but the custom social ind...

DotNetNuke vs. SharePoint - SharePoint Wins

Feb 01 2007
It used to be that the argument was SharePoint was too complicated to program against, it was strictly for intranets since only AD authentication was supported, and even customizing the look was too complex. Because of these shortcomings, I leaned towards DotNetNuke for development. DotNetNuke was my platform of choice for custom applications and Internet applications. But after spending days researching SharePoint 2007, a pivotal moment came in my thinking. SharePoint is the clear winner on all fronts. Granted DotNetNuke has its place in smal...


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