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Sep 08 2014
In order to respond to the celebrities being compromised, it looks like Apple is now verifying iCloud usage. Several people upon accessing their iCloud accounts have been emailed confirming they accessed the account and from where. This is to the dismay of several parents posting on forums saying their child has asked them who's logging into their accounts.
Aug 22 2014
In this podcast, I'm talking about mobile and does your company really need a mobile enabled site? Maybe it's not that folks aren't using their phones to access your site; maybe you're just creating the expectation that the mobile experience they're going to have, isn't up to par.
Jun 16 2014
According to one survey taken in March of this year, US consumers are on their phone 2 hours and 38 minutes per day, and of that time spent on the phone, 2 hours and 19 minutes are using apps. Time spent on the web continues to decline where they spend about 22 minutes of that mobile time browsing the web on their phone. So if your traffic doesn't seem to justify responsive design, or a mobile site, then maybe you're right, maybe it's time for an app.
Nov 21 2012
Having been playing around with development on Windows 8 for the past few weeks, another benefit came to mind. Yes, it's more of a pain in the ass for me than anything else, but for the IT director, it's going to be a big benefit. One of the problems facing IT is the consumerism of IT. Folks are becoming savvy enough to load applications on their work PCs, and do pretty much everything they want. But Windows 8 changes much of that. Any application they want to download is from the store (at least Metro apps), so they have to buy it o...
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