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Nov 18 2014
First of all what is a conversion? For an eCommerce site it could be a macro-conversion like ordering product. That's clean and clear cut, it's generating revenue, and has value. Another conversion, a micro-conversion could be downloading a white paper, you add some value to the conversion since it may contribute to a sale. Still other conversions may be reading article on a purely content driven site, or clicking an ad.
Jul 30 2014
Enterprise social software market is expected to double by 2019. Is your business thinking about social and how to utilize it in the enterprise? By 2019, the generation that grew up with MySpace, AIM, then to Facebook and Twitter, are going to be your primary employees and will look to social outlets, and tools they grew up with to meet others within the company, establish a presence, and collaborate. If your company provides ESS to them, they will use the tools and could open the doors to new opportunities and ideas to flourish and grow your b...
Jul 06 2014
I tend to use the fan site as a common example for running communities because it was so heavily trafficated. When a community does become large like that one, it also becomes a target. In this example, it was targeted by another very popular community which was frequented by World of Warcraft (WoW) fans. Now think, we have a fan site that is primarily visited by tween girls who like the Jonas Brothers being targeted by gamers of who participate in online battles and war. We're talking folks who revel in online carnage being thrown into the realm of Disney princesses.
Jun 29 2014
Can you catch bad emotional states from others even though you're not even next to them? Facebook did a little experiment to see if that can be done. Essentially what they did was manipulate the newsfeed on Facebook to be more negative and then in turn the posts that folks did became more negative.
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