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Code, servers, whatever tech is on my mind at the time.

May 21 2014
Maybe it's already dead, and when I say dead, I mean the brand name of "DotNetNuke", not the current version of the product. As DNN diehards know, DNN Corp changed the branding of DotNetNuke over to DNN. They changed the old domain name from dotnetnuke.com over to dnnsoftware.com. Even the software has been rebranded from DotNetNuke Community, Pro, Enterprise over to Evoke. I was looking over Google trends and you can see that the search term "DotNetNuke" is pretty much dead, the forecast shows it continuing it's downward spiral into oblivion ...
Nov 16 2012
Last night was a day I decided to play with some code development. It's not often I get time to sit down and write some DotNetNuke code, so I figured I'd give it a go. Being a web developer I usually configure my local hosts file with names to go along with my development sites. For example, santry.local, sitswer.local, etc. This way I can bind them to IIS and browse the sites as I'm developing and debugging. So after a little while of developing, I'm hitting my own personal here at santry.com, and then I get this weird yellow screen of death...
Oct 03 2012
I haven't wrote any blog posts, so here's one for this week. I'll be covering any significant news that hits the DotNetNuke world. Speaking of DotNetNuke World, did you know that's next week? I'm not going, not enough time in the day to spend in the sun, even though with the weather here in Pittsburgh, I wouldn't mind a trip to sunny Florida. Hopefully yins voted for my site in the Personal site category for the DNN Site of the Year Award. We'll find out next week at DNN World who won each of their respective categories. Need a DNN Developer?...
Sep 05 2012
So now that I consolidated wwwcoder.com into santry.com, one of the biggest issues is combining that content without giving folks a lot of 404 errors, and broken links. It's still a major work effort, and not perfect, but some things I learned along the way using two tools, IIS rewriting, and redirection, and a free module from the DotNetNuke store. IIS Redirection  The most obvious is using redirection in IIS, the problem with this is I have a lot of links that are contained on various outside sites, and those sites send a lot of traffi...
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