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Sep 18 2012
Lately Star Trek has been in the news, not for the show series, but for the ideas that the series has generated. I think of the iPad, and the recent photo I posted to my Facebook. Who thought up the idea first? Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Gene Roddenberry? Not only do you see the influence of a series that was thought up almost half of century ago in the consumer market, but just today NASA is talking about having a warp capable drive in 50 years. Being able to travel to the nearest star system in two weeks. And just a couple hours late...
Aug 16 2012
So now that Windows 8 RTM has been released on TechNet, it's time for installing the new version on my Acer Iconia Tab W500.  The first thing to do is to get the ISO from TechNet, and download it to my PC. Once the ISO was downloaded I used the Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool to write the ISO to a 8GB USB stick and make it bootable. Note: I did install the release preview of Windows 8, you cannot upgrade your pre-release version. Once you have the bootable USB stick with the ISO loaded, you now have to let your Acer boot from USB. You'l...
Jul 16 2012
I've been a gadget and mobile nut for a while, and I think I finally found some satisfaction in my configuration with my purchase of the Logitech iPad keyboard yesterday. Combined with my leather portfolio, and iPen, it's the ultimate in flexibility and mobility. I sound like a crazed technophile, but I am. I'm enjoying this set up. The keyboard is really nice with a magnetic attachment which doubles as a cover, and a great feeling keyboard. The iPen, makes it really easy to electronically sign PDFs, something since I'm selling my ho...
Jun 23 2012
I just finished installing the Release Preview of Windows 8 on my Acer Iconia Tab W500 and I'm pretty impressed with it. It makes my experience with the device much more enjoyable than it was with Windows 7. In the past my touch experience with the device was lacking. I installed Frontface from Mirabyte which makes the device a bit more touch friendly, but the performance of Frontface wasn't the greatest. And yes I know in a previous blog I did a sarcastic rant about Microsoft Surface, and Windows 8, but as a consumer device this works. First ...
Jun 19 2012
Microsoft announced yesterday they're going to release a new device. One that they are providing the hardware and software for, this new tablet is known as "Surface". Is it really an introduction to "Surface"? If so, then what was this? Oh, that was just something they made for all those TV crime dramas like Hawaii Five-0 because no one could actually afford one, I see. Marketing, we told you to come up with a cool unique name for the device, like the Zune or something! That must be "Surface" table, not "Surface" tablet...? At least they didn...


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