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Nov 07 2012
So recently I've been knocking Microsoft every chance I get about their Surface efforts, and direction, but my mind has changed due to a few reasons. Namely, Apple lacks vision, and Microsoft has the chance to have enormous success if they get their vision together. And here's the why I think so: Apple is basically Apple - Over the past couple years Apple hasn't really come out with much, just some variations on their existing line (iPad mini, yeah that's innovation). They are a hardware vendor, not a software vendor. Apple only makes software...
Aug 01 2012
It's interesting to read what's going on in technology today, especially when it comes to change, and refinement. Many folks are commenting on the speculated iPhone 5 design saying how it changes very little from iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. And then relate that to Microsoft's announcement of Surface and providing hardware it runs on which was always given over to the OEMs. The iPhone's design changes have been subtle over the years. People have compared the evolution of the iPhone to the Porsche 911 and how little its design has changed over the ...
Jul 03 2012
I'm a big user of iOS, with two iPads, and an iPhone, but I'm also an Android user since I like the 7" feel of my Samsung Tab II for reading, or quick access. Yesterday, I downloaded the latest release from Google for website owners, it's the Google Analytics app.  I purchased some apps in the past for monitoring Analytics from my iOS machines, and this app works pretty similar. One nice feature is the integration with their real-time analytics beta feature. There is some room to grow, and I can see basically they're going to bring the fu...
Jun 20 2012
So what do I mean by this? I'm talking user experience today. When setting up your site for a mobile experience, especially in the DotNetNuke world, it's real easy to set up a redirect rule to have both mobile phones, and tablets redirect to the same site. You do have the option to set up rules that will have mobile phones redirect to one page, and then tablets to another. Having separate rules is something you should consider. For one project I don't want to redirect tablets to the same mobile site (on a DNN Professional project). ...


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