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Feb 05 2015
I am now in a new position that has me working on rolling out a Sitecore XP 8 implementation. In this role I'm on the engineering side of the house, but anyone who has followed me knows I like to know exactly how everything works with the platform. Having an extensive background in CMS with SharePoint and DNN, I figured Sitecore has to be easy. Well, not so much. Some of the points to note, being that I'm early in the learning process: Installation, and architecture is pretty straight forward. Anyone who has experience working with Micro...
Jun 23 2012
I just finished installing the Release Preview of Windows 8 on my Acer Iconia Tab W500 and I'm pretty impressed with it. It makes my experience with the device much more enjoyable than it was with Windows 7. In the past my touch experience with the device was lacking. I installed Frontface from Mirabyte which makes the device a bit more touch friendly, but the performance of Frontface wasn't the greatest. And yes I know in a previous blog I did a sarcastic rant about Microsoft Surface, and Windows 8, but as a consumer device this works. First ...
Jun 15 2012
It seems like it's all about social and community these days, and if you're not using Disqus, get with it. I use this great free commenting system on all my sites, it beats out most of the built in commenting and provides you with a slew of management tools. My initial needs were focused on mobile, as you can see the comments form below, but on the mobile version of my site, Disqus recognizes the user agent and displays a mobile friendly version of the widget: You'll now see an additional tab (once you enable it in the admin section of the ...

Web Services and Cities

Mar 22 2004
I just returned from Orlando where I attended the East Coast Region Architects Forum. As part of this event Pat Helland gave the opening keynote presentation on Web services. Pat is an excellent speaker and provides a good description on how we got to where we are now and where we are headed. He compares the growth of systems as the rise of towns. With the building of infrastructure, manual work or manufacturing, to standardization. Pat's presentation provided a good tool to communicate to executive management what we as architects alread...


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