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Mar 03 2016
I think of the word DevOps, and I think of it almost like Cloud, a term that is used to describe a concept but everyone probably has a different implementation or way they go about things when it comes to DevOps. Gone are the days when engineers were going to an RDP session, and building out servers, looking at their notes to configure applications, and creating so many holes for human error. Beyond that, a process was usually in some senior engineer's head who has worked on that particular application for years within an organization. Losing a...
May 12 2013
I'm very glad to have moved my site over to 3Essientials for DotNetNuke hosting.   If you remember in a previous blog post, I was using MyHosting.com for hosting my site in a VPS. It was a overkill, and a pain in the butt. In addition, their support was the worst. They didn't perform backups even though it was part of the SLA.   So this week I went through the process of moving the site over to 3Essientials. The process was painless, and these folks know DNN, so I didn't even have to get the site up and running. At this point in m...

IIS6 Migration Tool, first look.

Nov 18 2004
 Brad Kingsley I've been supporting Internet Information Services since IIS3 (that sure was a challenge! :>). Each time a new version came out, I would test extensively both the upgrade process and also a fresh install configuration -- just to be familiar with issues in both cases. But whenever dealing with production systems, I *always* opted for a fresh install and then migrated the site(s) from the older version to the new version. Because I always built fresh systems I had to then deal with the often complex issue of migrating t...

Which w3wp.exe process belongs to which App Pool in IIS6

Oct 29 2004
By Scott Forsyth Along with Windows Server 2003 and Internet Information Services 6.0 came a large number of benefits. For us IIS admins, it was a great welcome set of changes. But, one apparent difficultly is matching up the w3wp.exe processes displayed in Task Manager to the Application Pools in IIS. Review of IIS5 In IIS5.0 (Windows 2000 Server), each site that is set to Out Of Process will spin up a new instance of dllhost.exe. Windows Task Manager lists them. Now, the trick is to find out which dllhost.exe matches which site. My ...
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