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Nov 18 2014
First of all what is a conversion? For an eCommerce site it could be a macro-conversion like ordering product. That's clean and clear cut, it's generating revenue, and has value. Another conversion, a micro-conversion could be downloading a white paper, you add some value to the conversion since it may contribute to a sale. Still other conversions may be reading article on a purely content driven site, or clicking an ad.
Nov 13 2014
Have you started building out your digital strategy plan? Do you even know where to start? There are so many technologies, and acronyms thrown out there, what are they and where do they fit into your company's overall digital strategy plan. This article is to introduce you to a framework to build out your strategy.
Jul 15 2014
When you think of your B2B site who is your end user? Who are you selling to? It's not the mom and pop across the street who is using Amazon.com to buy shampoo, a stereo, or a book. In most cases with B2B it's another company who is using your products to build their products, or maybe distribute your products to the ultimate end user.
May 23 2014
Are your customers having a disjointed and disconnected experience when they access your digital assets? Are they clicking endlessly in order to find something relevant? What does having a disjointed experience tell them? This experience tells them your company doesn't know their customer.
May 20 2014
I hear it all the time from Chief Marketing Officers, and those in the executive level, they want data. You can’t make decisions on a gut feeling, or what you perceive your competitors are doing, or what you think you’re customers want. Too many times, companies have no understanding of their customer, or even their industry, and that spills over to their digital presence.
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