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May 23 2014
Are your customers having a disjointed and disconnected experience when they access your digital assets? Are they clicking endlessly in order to find something relevant? What does having a disjointed experience tell them? This experience tells them your company doesn't know their customer.
Sep 05 2012
So now that I consolidated wwwcoder.com into santry.com, one of the biggest issues is combining that content without giving folks a lot of 404 errors, and broken links. It's still a major work effort, and not perfect, but some things I learned along the way using two tools, IIS rewriting, and redirection, and a free module from the DotNetNuke store. IIS Redirection  The most obvious is using redirection in IIS, the problem with this is I have a lot of links that are contained on various outside sites, and those sites send a lot of traffi...
Aug 30 2006
One of the big things when moving a site and actually restructing the directory structure like I did is not to break your links. Most of my traffic is coming from Google, and having someone do a search for an article and coming up with a 404 not found error isn't going to encourage people to come back to the site. Since I moved WWWCoder.com to the root of the site rather than the old "main" directory off of the root, and also redid my directory and changed the URL params to use DNN FURLs, everything about the URL changed. Enter in the Friendly...

ASP.NET SEO Article on WebProNews.com

Jul 31 2006
Recently I decided to syndicate some of my articles for republishing on the web. One method is to use GoArticles.com and submit your article for republication. This provides more exposure for you on the Web, and since you can create links in your author bio, you can then drive more traffic to your site. In addition, since the sites publishing the articles are most likely going to be related to your topic, you then build more incoming links to your site. One recent example is my article on ASP.NET SEO. I posted this on my site several months ago...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ASP.NET Developers

Mar 15 2006
If you're developing for the Web then you should familiarize yourself with some Search Engine Optimization or SEO concepts. The idea here is to make your ASP.NET application as friendly as possible for spiders, and the specific spider we're talking about is Google. In this article we're going to cover some basic concepts on what you can do in order to make your ASP.NET application as spider and search engine friendly as possible. Postbacks Your biggest gain in the search engine world is going to avoid the use of postbacks. For example, say y...
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