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Apr 14 2014
So you’re looking to build up your social networking traffic and you discovered the use of hashtags on your posts? This article isn't about teaching you the benefit of tagging your posts, it's about what they can bring to your business, and the real power behind them for the companies that provide them. It's about what hashtags really are.
Apr 09 2014
I was TV this morning and saw that some folks who interned with Taco Bell 20 years ago came up with the idea for the Doritos Taco which is a popular item at the restaurant. So all you purveyors of fine cheap highly sugared wines, or soldiers like I was who spent his last dime and had to raid his piggy bank at the end of the month in order to continue my partying ways. This is a bit of history for you to know where the now many flavors of Mad Dog 20/20 began. Back when I was in the army so many years ago, we would get paid monthly. At the begi...
Jun 12 2013
I made my radio debut yesterday. My daughter is a DJ on a new radio station in Erie called Happi 92.7 HD (you can listen online) and I was telling her about the new stuff in iOS7, so she asked me to call into the station and tell her all about it. So I gave her listeners the lowdown on the new look and feel, and also covered the new iTunes Radio service Apple is releasing.
Yes, I was nervous, but it went OK.
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