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Are You A Power Influencer?

Jul 21 2014
An infographic, based on a survey conducted in Q1 among more than 250 Style Coalition network members, showcases the scale these influencers had to achieve to become attractive for brand collaborations, the amount of effort that goes into maintaining their audience and finally, the revenue opportunity in the space.
Jul 21 2014
Nearly 9 in 10 (89 percent) couples download wedding planning apps to their mobile phones, up from 61 percent in 2012. To stay on top of their to-do lists, one in five couples (19 percent) download mobile checklist apps and 15 percent use organizational apps. Thirteen percent of couples keep their finances top of mind with budgeting apps, and 12 percent anticipate the day with a countdown app.
Jun 04 2014
A recent study by SDL finds email isn't king when it comes to Millennials and finding content. As the following infographic shows, it's all about finding content they're interesting in by following, or getting recommendations rather than someone spamming their inbox. They also use their phones as the primary means of consuming information. Digital experiences for Millennials need to be highly responsive in their interactions when dealing with support issues. Don't ignore your social interactions, be responsive.


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