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Jun 02 2014
According to the survey, 74% of the general public trusts content from businesses that aim to educate readers about a particular topic. It is however a fragile trust that businesses must take care in protecting: even signing off an otherwise objective blog post or newsletter with a product pitch will bring the content's credibility level down by 29%.
May 29 2014
It may seem overwhelming to have a website, and make blog posts, and trying to build up your online and social presence. Especially for the small company where you may be an employee of one or a few, and have to wear many hats. In order to grow and keep up with the rest of the world you want to take advantage of social networking as a way to get your message out, and maybe build up some linking to your site, but how can you manage it all yourself?
Jul 17 2012
I like looking at survey responses to see how people feel about a particular topic. And lately I've been browsing TechValidate on content management. I look to see what companies are using their service, and what they're looking to track. Take for example LexMark, we know them for printers, but they trended content management in government, which has grown 14% from the fall of last year, to the current number of 22% of government organizations planning to implement a CMS to reduce their printing costs, and paper. I'd guess a stat like this wou...

DotNetNuke vs. SharePoint - SharePoint Wins

Feb 01 2007
It used to be that the argument was SharePoint was too complicated to program against, it was strictly for intranets since only AD authentication was supported, and even customizing the look was too complex. Because of these shortcomings, I leaned towards DotNetNuke for development. DotNetNuke was my platform of choice for custom applications and Internet applications. But after spending days researching SharePoint 2007, a pivotal moment came in my thinking. SharePoint is the clear winner on all fronts. Granted DotNetNuke has its place in smal...
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