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Jun 19 2014
Sometimes in the online world when approaching a project people seem to classify the issues facing a website as a technology issue. It's as if building a web site is this mysterious thing wrapped in so much technology it's just too much handle. Just sitting in the office of a technology provider gets nerve wracking; hearing all the techno geeks spitting out acronym after acronym and having no idea what any of it means - html, Ajax, XML, HTTP, Java, ASP, .NET, Web services, Web 2.0, what all does it mean?!
Jun 03 2014
I blogged previously about tagging of posts, and how the technology is great since the tags are applied by humans and not some algorithm like the Googlebot. But there is a dark side, since there is a value for a company to get their posts seen by as many eyes as possible, then enterprising companies will provide a service that caters to that need. Enter in what I call fake likes.
May 29 2014
It may seem overwhelming to have a website, and make blog posts, and trying to build up your online and social presence. Especially for the small company where you may be an employee of one or a few, and have to wear many hats. In order to grow and keep up with the rest of the world you want to take advantage of social networking as a way to get your message out, and maybe build up some linking to your site, but how can you manage it all yourself?
May 20 2014
I hear it all the time from Chief Marketing Officers, and those in the executive level, they want data. You can’t make decisions on a gut feeling, or what you perceive your competitors are doing, or what you think you’re customers want. Too many times, companies have no understanding of their customer, or even their industry, and that spills over to their digital presence.
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