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Nov 17 2012
So today I submitted my first app to the Windows 8 app store. The process was insanely easy, and being that I researched and could never figure out development on iOS or Android without a significant amount of research time, I was so surprised how easy it was to develop and submit an app to Microsoft for review. This follows up on my recent comments about how I think Windows 8 and Surface devices are going to be a big boon for Microsoft and the enterprise. Existing Windows developers are going to very easily port over to the new platform. And s...
Nov 07 2012
So recently I've been knocking Microsoft every chance I get about their Surface efforts, and direction, but my mind has changed due to a few reasons. Namely, Apple lacks vision, and Microsoft has the chance to have enormous success if they get their vision together. And here's the why I think so: Apple is basically Apple - Over the past couple years Apple hasn't really come out with much, just some variations on their existing line (iPad mini, yeah that's innovation). They are a hardware vendor, not a software vendor. Apple only makes software...
Oct 26 2012
The reviews are pouring in over the Microsoft Surface tablet, and the primary problem with the device is their app store.  The marketplace has around 3,500 apps, which is paltry compared to Apple's or Google's and few folks are seriously looking to post their wares in the Surface store. Being that Microsoft is late coming to the fray in providing a consumer tablet experience, how can they get developers excited about building apps for the platform? Maybe they should take a lesson from the past. Back in the 90s, the web developme...
Aug 16 2012
So now that Windows 8 RTM has been released on TechNet, it's time for installing the new version on my Acer Iconia Tab W500.  The first thing to do is to get the ISO from TechNet, and download it to my PC. Once the ISO was downloaded I used the Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool to write the ISO to a 8GB USB stick and make it bootable. Note: I did install the release preview of Windows 8, you cannot upgrade your pre-release version. Once you have the bootable USB stick with the ISO loaded, you now have to let your Acer boot from USB. You'l...
Jul 03 2012
New, I question, and is it real I question. WMPowerUser claims to have gotten a hold of a leaked picture of the upcoming Windows Phone keyboard, thanks to a Microsoft Research Presentation. It's designed for one handed texters (I know of one that may like this).  As pictured above, it's not very new or innovative, and has a look and feel like the failed UMPCs of the Microsoft Origami Project. It too, had a curved keyboard that was more natural for moving each thumb for typing.  It might be something the research group is playing wit...


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