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Aug 01 2014
In a new report, "Assessing the Investment Priorities of Mobile Players" that examines the acquisition and investment strategies of Apple, Google and a group of leading mobile players, Strategy Analytics finds that the strategies of leading players in the global smartphone market are dominated by Apple and Google efforts aimed at strengthening their prized content and application ecosystems.
Jul 15 2014
StatCounter, the independent website analytics company, has launched a new feature to ease the burden imposed on website owners and internet marketers by Google’s controversial removal of keyword data. Since 2011* Google has been steadily expanding its policy of withholding keyword data for organic search which means that website owners and professionals have limited access to the keywords used to find their sites.
Jun 05 2014
I get some glazed stares from some folks in marketing when I talk cloud, social, gamification, etc. Sometimes it makes me wonder how could they not know these terms, when really marketing folks are the ones who coined the phrase? This is especially so when it comes to cloud.
May 11 2014
Making sure your site comes at the top of listings of search engines are probably one of the main issues many Webmasters concern themselves with. One thing that can impact search engine rankings and listings is changing a site's structure. This could be changing file names, like what commonly happens when moving a site from a static HTML site to one that is driven dynamically. Another issue could come from domain name consolidation where you have several domains names and wish to consolidate them into one domain. This is common when a company decides to change marketing strategy or comes through consolidation.

Which Technology Trend Is Going to Change the World?

May 02 2013
One question I like to ask people is their opinion on which technology trend is going to change the world? For example, Microsoft came out with smart phones and Windows mobile over a decade ago, but it was primarily geekware. No one really in the consumer market wanted one of those bulky hard to use phones. They either wanted a clam shell, or Razor phone that looked cool, and just made a phone call. Then texting was all the rage, and throw in some AOL AIM access into the mix and you were golden. Then Apple came out with the iPhone, you ...
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