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Sep 02 2014
Just turning on the TV this week has news all over about celebrities posting nude pictures of themselves on the cloud. But really, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the cloud in your business? In this podcast, we talk about the news, what supposedly happened, and should you be concerned.
Jul 15 2014
When you think of your B2B site who is your end user? Who are you selling to? It's not the mom and pop across the street who is using Amazon.com to buy shampoo, a stereo, or a book. In most cases with B2B it's another company who is using your products to build their products, or maybe distribute your products to the ultimate end user.
Jul 12 2014
So what does all that mean? Essentially content management is the way to manage and structure content, content marketing is gauging the performance of that content. Also, we're talking marketing, so the gauging performance is one area, another is the actual marketing aspect. And what does that consist of, I call it the art of marketing without marketing (to borrow from Bruce Lee), or more like marketing without your reading perceiving it as marketing.
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