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Content Management vs Content Marketing

Jul 12 2014
So what does all that mean? Essentially content management is the way to manage and structure content, content marketing is gauging the performance of that content. Also, we're talking marketing, so the gauging performance is one area, another is the actual marketing aspect. And what does that consist of, I call it the art of marketing without marketing (to borrow from Bruce Lee), or more like marketing without your reading perceiving it as marketing.

The Fed Spent $30 Billion of Your Taxes On IT

Jul 11 2014
Ever wonder where that tax money goes? Well at least $30 billion of it in 2013 went towards federal IT projects, that's according to a survey released by Research and Markets. Compare that to the worldwide spending on IT projects in 2013 was approximately $3.7 trillion, that makes the US government one of the top IT employers. The budget forecast for 2015 is a whopping $73 billion!

Issuu Launches Clip, A New Social Discovery, Discussion and Sharing Product

Jul 09 2014
Issuu, a digital publishing and content discovery platform, today announced the release of Issuu Clip, a new interactive product that will give the readers of millions of digital publications the ability to share any piece of content digitally, anywhere. Clip makes the billions of images and pieces of content on Issuu, instantly shareable. Readers can highlight, comment and engage in conversation with other like-minded readers.

With Passion Comes a Stellar Career

Jul 07 2014
How do you build yourself as a consultant to become recognized above and beyond the fold? In this article, I'll use myself as an example (now my ego is not this monstrosity that I believe I'm a super star), and show you how you can go from being a great consultant to being a recognized consultant.

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Content Management vs Content Marketing


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