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Wrapping My Brain Around Sitecore XP 8

Feb 05 2015
I am now in a new position that has me working on rolling out a Sitecore XP 8 implementation. In this role I'm on the engineering side of the house, but anyone who has followed me knows I like to know exactly how everything works with the platform. H...

Can DNN Ever Make the Magic Quadrant?

Nov 25 2014
I had the enjoyment to go on several job interviews recently in the Pittsburgh area. Most of the companies I targeted were large above $1 billion companies. And since my background is in content management, having been part of the founding development team that created DotNetNuke (now DNN, or is it Evoke?), I figured I'd ask what they're using. And also to consider if or when DNN could make the Quadrant?

Are You Missing Out on Conversions?

Nov 18 2014
First of all what is a conversion? For an eCommerce site it could be a macro-conversion like ordering product. That's clean and clear cut, it's generating revenue, and has value. Another conversion, a micro-conversion could be downloading a white paper, you add some value to the conversion since it may contribute to a sale. Still other conversions may be reading article on a purely content driven site, or clicking an ad.

Building Your Digital Strategy Framework

Nov 13 2014
Have you started building out your digital strategy plan? Do you even know where to start? There are so many technologies, and acronyms thrown out there, what are they and where do they fit into your company's overall digital strategy plan. This article is to introduce you to a framework to build out your strategy.

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Can DNN Ever Make the Magic Quadrant?


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