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Don't Forget About Social for Business

Jul 30 2014
Enterprise social software market is expected to double by 2019. Is your business thinking about social and how to utilize it in the enterprise? By 2019, the generation that grew up with MySpace, AIM, then to Facebook and Twitter, are going to be you...

New Social Monitoring Tool for Pharma

Jul 30 2014
Intouch Solutions®, a marketing agency servicing the pharmaceutical industry, announced the availability of SocialQueue. SocialQueue gives pharma companies a new tool to easily monitor and manage activity across their social channels, enabling them to engage in social settings while abiding by the strict regulations of the industry.

Social for the Enterprise Is Expected To Double By 2019

Jul 30 2014
Global enterprise social software market (ESS) is forecast to grow from $4.77 billion in 2014 to $8.14 billion in 2019. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3% from 2014 to 2019. The enterprise social software market drivers discussed in this research include Enterprise Social Adds Value to Businesses, Accommodating Features and Employees Popular Demand. Skeptical Approach, Initial Setup Costs and Profusion of tools and Lack of Integration are the major restraints and challenges mentioned for the ESS industry. Multi-Vertical Focus and Bring Your Own Device (Byod) Ecosystem are the top most opportunities analyzed for this sector.

UK Shoppers Shop Are Global Shoppers

Jul 29 2014
Results suggest that price and availability are driving cross-border shopping amongst UK online consumers. 60% of the respondents who have shopped cross border said that they choose to purchase with a retailer outside of the UK because of better prices, whilst another 60% said that they made the purchase because they couldn't get the product they wanted here in the UK. Another 18% stated their purchase decision was driven by better products on offer.

Digital Professionals - What You Need To Know

Jul 28 2014
The digital field is growing and of focus for 2014. Checking the job postings out on LinkedIn will display multitudes of listings for digital development, and marketing professionals. Companies are still trying to understand this new buzzword and it's going to encompass several skills for them to have in order to build that digital strategy. What are some of the fields you need to understand in order to be someone those companies are going to reach out to?

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